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2016 Dates

August 15–19, 2016

Apply to Teach

Applications to teach at 2016 Education Week were available September 1–30, 2015. Applications for the 2017 program will be accepted from September 1–30, 2016.

Class Schedule

The class schedule booklet will be available online by July 1. Please visit the Class Schedule page at that time for details.


Enter Class Evaluations

Enter Program Evaluation


Volunteer to Host

Hosting is an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and the majority of our volunteers return year after year. If you serve on the hosting staff, you receive a free ticket in exchange for approximately fifteen hours of service. Visit our Hosting Volunteer page to learn more and to submit your online application.

Painting by Walter Rane, "He Anointed the Eyes," Used by Permission – Copyright © Walter Rane, All Rights Reserved